Monday, January 19, 2015

A Beautiful Day in a Beautiful Little Town

My view at home to the west
I've enjoyed something new the past couple of mornings. It isn't something I had thought about lately but is definitely something I had previously told myself that I someday wanted. As I awoke, without any effort whatsoever, I looked out of the window right above my bed and enjoyed the beautiful surroundings that I now call home.

Back in Mesa, was all desert. Blistering hot sun, so bad you planned for a day inside most of the time. Neighbors so close on either side that you could just about here them fart. Then came Flagstaff which had beauty all around but the rental house we spent the last year in had Highway 89 right outside the back door. So close, actually, that a minivan came careening through our back fence and came to a stop in our back yard. Constantly noisy, even inside the house.

My view at work, with snow a half an inch thick on each branch
But now we live in a small Idaho town where beauty and quiet abound. At night the sky is glimmering with a million little diamonds. I enjoy my six minute drive to work (when there's no snow) and look forward to many, many productive weekends.

If you love where you live, thank the Good Lord. If you don't love where you live, hold fast and keep trying. Sometimes the path to get where you want to be isn't always clear but don't let that stop your dreams.



  1. I love that picture of the moon!! Makes me want to howl (grin).

  2. Is that the moon - that bright window in the sky? Wow, very supernatural.....

  3. I am so happy you have found the spot!
    Looking back your journey was a lot like that of the pioneers, wasn't it? Lots of up and downs, losses, disappointments, but you looked at each day with new eyes the Lord gives us and you didn't let the past rocks in your path, become mental boulders.
    I moved away from my panoramic star vista, as it's overcast in this part of ID most of the time. I am planning cheap RV vacations to star gaze, though, when we get to a point that the fencing is in, the steers are purchased, the shop roof doesn't leak, the garden area has real soil, there is money for it…oh, wait, I think I'll just have to enjoy the seldom seen night sky when God deems it necessary for me to do so.
    Such a blessing to have these simple things, is it not?

    1. Agreed. One i love the things that i am appreciating in our new location is the beautiful natural Snake River gorge.

  4. It sounds wonderful after what you've all been through. Peace and quiet and a six minute commute can't be beat. I hope you'll all come to love it.

  5. Brightest moon I've ever seen... almost looks like a SUN?



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