Friday, January 2, 2015

Halfway to Homestead

Made it to Panguitch ,  Utah.  One hotel left with vacancy.  $157 for two room (sleeping 9)...not bad.  Vehicles holding up. Kids too.

7 more hours of driving tomorrow to complete our trek from Arizona to our  hidey-hole in Idey-ho. (nod to JWR)



  1. I pray that I he rest of your travels are uneventful!

  2. Good luck sir. Hopefully your trailer makes it up there at the same time!

  3. Welcome to Idaho!

    We had a wreck, a shredded tire, two catastrophic breakdowns, and a burned up axle over the course of the summer while moving here in our two trucks and trailers. It was financially devastating, but insurance paid for the wreck, and the good Lord had kept my husband busy enough at work that we had savings to pay the five figures worth of repairs.
    The wreck and breakdowns all occurred after leaving Idaho on the return trip to Wyoming. Every one in Montana. I often questioned our sanity and whether we were following the Lord's wishes and not ours. I'm still praying over it, while my husband is still working in Wyoming.
    I still miss the sunny clear skies and phenomenal star watching of Wyoming, but the winter here is milder; our efforts gardening should prove more fruitful here, as well. The people are friendly. You can breath a sigh of relief on your homeschooling and set up whatever program works best for your kids and you.
    Again, welcome.


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