Saturday, January 3, 2015

Lucky Needed to See the Vet Today

Had to take Lucky to the veterinarian today. He had two spots of blood on his head right where his ears meet his head. There was also a spot of blood on his throat. I had inspected those areas to look for ticks or any other causes for bleeding but found nothing.

He recently visited a veterinarian 2 weeks ago and was put on steroids for his limping right hind leg and antibiotics for an ear infection and skin infection. He has completed his medications but appears to still have an ear infection. He is no longer limping (yay!).

Update: he has been given a shot of anti-inflammatory medicine and they said it will last in his body for up to 4 weeks. This will hopefully stop him from shaking his head back and forth causing his ears to whip against his skin.  This whipping  made small tears on the tip of his ears and the blood was leaving spots on his head and neck (long ears).

Also giving him oral antibiotics to continue to treat ear infection. He'll get an ear cleaning next Tuesday. 

$98 later and he is back home now. Along the way, the Volvo broke down. All it needed was a jump start and we're back up and running. Now i'm off to buy a new car battery.



  1. Yow! What a way to spend the holidays-moving! I lost Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, due to moving. Bless you for the stress that you have been under. It sounds like the whole family has done an admirable job getting up to Idaho.
    -Stealth Spaniel

  2. We did the antibiotics and steroids for months before we eliminated grain from our labradors food, except rice, and I resorted to organic apple cider vinegar and distilled water to clean out the ears. I just used a cotton ball and wiped the gunk out, letting some of the acv get down in the ear. It was cleared up within a few days. We did homemade dog food for two years before I found some dog food she could tolerate. We are probably going back to homemade for budget purposes.
    Poor Lucky! Best wishes for him and prayers of thanksgiving for your safe arrival.

    1. Feel free to post your homemade dog food recipe.

  3. Goodness! You're hitting the ground running! Glad the dog is ok though!


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