Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Relaxing Business Trip to Boise

My new job requires I visit other hospitals in our system and one of them is in Boise. Of course, I had to use my GPS just to get out of town given that we have only been here for two weeks so far. Nevertheless, once on a main highway, it was a pleasurable two hours (give or take) until I arrived in Boise.

The streets were busy but nothing like Phoenix during rush hour. More like a busy college town with plenty of traffic lights. I search for a couple of my favorite restaurants hoping that being in a larger city would show me some comforts of days past. Nope. Boise doens't have a single Schlotszky's sandwich shoppe nor a greasy Long John Silvers. Bummer. I settled for the old standby..Subway.

After an 8-5 meeting, I drove around a little to find a sign that would sum up my trip. Hence the pic in this post. I ate my Subway and headed back home. The nice thing about long drives by yourself is you get plenty of time to think. Not a common occurrence when your house is filled with nine females...



  1. You need to eat at Big Jud's. They have a wall of fame for their Big Jud's Challenge with plenty of missionaries on it.

  2. Dang, our closest small town has both of those.

  3. Six daughters, wifey, wifey's mom…that's eight…did I miss a big event?
    Work is good, so far, right? It's a good change from the work of moving, I hope.

    1. Oops. Mistyped. Should say 8 females. Thanks Susie!


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