Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Hazy Crazy January Fog

Fog sit over the pasture next to us.
The locals are telling me this isn't normal but it's been here for three days now. This low lying fog is certainly interesting although making driving a little more dangerous. Yesterday morning I slid through a local stop sign because the roads were iced over and I didn't see the stop sign until I was right up on it.

Since we are completely new to the area, we have to pay special attention to this stuff. I don't have all the roads and signs memorized yet. It was interesting that Wifey and I both slid through that same stop sign on the same morning.

Good horror movie fog
I kind of like it because it makes me feel like our homestead is even more isolated than it really is. The bales of hay seen in the bottom picture (off on the right) are about halfway down our three acres. So we can only see about half of our property.

Looks like I'm going to have to get used to living with lots of mud too...and leaving boots at the door.



  1. When we lived in the PNW we never wore shoes inside, we changed. Good luck!

  2. There are only three seasons in Idaho- Snow, Mud, and Construction. Or if you live close to the forest- Snow, Mud, and Fire. But the people make living here worth it.


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