Thursday, January 15, 2015

Homestead Reboot 2.0 : Dryer Fail

If you are lucky enough to find a homestead that you want to move to, take an extra minute to look at the dryer and stove outlets on the wall if you are bringing your own appliance (or buying one upon arrival).

Then take a picture of it.

Because without fail, every time we move somewhere, the outlets don't match the plugs. In flagstaff, the dryer outlet was natural gas...we had electric. Bought a new dryer for $500 and lost it five weeks later in the fire. Home Depot didn't care, I still had to pay it off.

Then our rental house had a different wall outlet than our plug so I had to buy a new set of wires and change it out with the old ones so that I could plug our stove into the wall.

Here we are again in our new homestead in Idaho with:

Exhibit A: our wall outlet


Exhibit B: the dryer plug

Insanity: doing the same things over and over and expecting a different outcome.

 Shouldn't the government be mandating some kind of universal plug initiative or something?!



  1. The 4-prong outlet is the most current code approve plug, so make sure you update the plug on your dryer to the 4-prong instead of vice-versa.

  2. Yikes!! Don't wish for the government to stick their noses in anything anymore than they already do. I'm sure enjoying following your adventures.
    deb k :-)

  3. Don't even joke about the government getting involved. They have their snoots stuck into too many of our affairs.

  4. My sympathies! I have played the dryer game for the last 6 years; and yes all of the darned plugs are different. I finally got smart, took a picture of my plug and then the plug in-to see if they matched. If they didn't, I at least had something to show the home supply place. It is sooooooo frustrating! -Stealth Spaniel

  5. exhibit a is a 50 amp welder plug exhibit b is a 30amp dryer
    3 or 4 equal sized I shaped prongs are a 60amp range plug


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