Monday, January 12, 2015

Boo in the Urgent Care, Flower Tossing Cookies

Point of injury below pinky toe, red streak flowing medially
I warned the girls about jumping up and down on our mattresses...although I didn't expect this outcome. I try to teach them, year after year, that furniture isn't for walking on yet they insist on bouncing on my bed, walking on the couches and so on.

Well, a few days ago, Boo was jumping on the bare mattresses we had laying on the living room floor and a piece of metal poked through and stuck her in the foot. Wifey slapped a bandaid on it and off she went, back to playing. She went to school fine the next day as well although she did mention that her foot hurt a little.

Now, day three, Wifey summons me to look at Boo's swollen sole of her foot. There it was...the telltale "red streak" of tetanus reaching across her foot. Of course, this HAD to happen during the tiny little 30-day window that our family doesn't have medical insurance (since I've started a new job.)

I called the local Urgent Care clinic, which is called Active Care here in Idaho apparently, and made some inquiries. If I got her there right away, they would squeeze us in before they closed for the day. Zippidy Doo Da and we were in the lobby. An hour later she got her tetanus shot in the thigh and a prescription for antibiotics.

There is no 24-hour pharmacy in our neck of the woods, which I filed away in my mental Rolodex, and we hurried to the nearby Costco to utilize their cheap meds.

Like she didn't have enough misery with her appendectomy in 2014. She is recovering fine and to prove misery loves company...Flower started throwing up that night around 1am.

Ah, the parenting life...



  1. Hope all the girls get back to as good as new in no time at all. I have had blood poisoning a couple of times and it was no fun. One was my fault by not taking care of a bad burn and going off camping, the other was a foot puncture while walking the beach in N.C.

  2. I am sorry this happened to Boo. It is obvious to me that your children disrespect you, they disrespect your wife, and they disrespect the long hours you put in to provide them couches and beds.
    I was spanked as a child, but didn't choose that for dealing with my children. I didn't want to come home from work and dole out discipline. I wouldn't hesitate for a moment to ban a child from sitting on the furniture or letting them know their mattress sets cost money and they were a privilege to have, as in a couple days on the floor with some blankets.
    She will heal up, glad you caught the sign of blood poisoning. Finding meaningful contributory WORK for your daughters would be a good start to ending the abuse of you, your wife and your furniture. You treat them like princesses, they treat you like staff. Childhood is a race to adulthood, better get them in it. Best wishes to you and yours, and continued prayers for you all.
    someone who just can't watch this anymore

  3. To the commenter (with all the answers to life) above:
    You really can't tell what goes on in a home from a blog. Kids will be kids, and that's what makes parenting so fun! Kids don't always listen, even if there are consequences. Sometimes natural consequences (i.e. getting hurt) can be the most powerful teacher because even after disciplining or setting consequences, kids will be kids.

    someone who is annoyed by rude comments

  4. wow, these are really interesting replies!

  5. Um, wow. I hope her foot feels better. One thing with lots of kids, never a dull moment!

  6. Glad you caught the tetanus early! Isn't that always the insurance and bam! Injury! Hope the antibiotics keep any further complications away!

  7. OJD, glad to see you're getting settled in in Idey-ho, even if you've had bumps in the road with the movers. Thanks for telling us readers about the movers because it'll influence me next time I move. And glad to see you got your plates with no issue (and for cheap!). Regarding the above (roll my eyes).....those who live in glass houses and with no children shall cast the first stone... If everything always went smoothly and as planned wouldn't life be a bore?

  8. This was probably not tetanus, but a staph infection. Been there. Thank heavens you caught it when you did.


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