Thursday, January 22, 2015

Save Money with Coop Gas?

I was so shocked to see the gas price down to $1.73 that I rushed in and filled up the Suburban. I texted Wifey the good news and she filled up the van. I never quite understood how a commodity can go from $3.50/gal to under $2 in a matter of a few years. The only thing that is clear to me is that somebody, somewhere has too much power to manipulate us consumers.

Anyway, this price drop got me to thinking about how to save money. Are any of you getting farm tanks and filling up at these prices with a 300 gallon tank? A neighbor was talking to Wifey about homesteading in general, like sewing and having a water well when he mentioned we could get a free 300 gallon tank from a local coop as long as we agreed to buy our gasoline only from them.

Wifey thinks he said no minimum purchase and I'm thinking "How can this be a BAD deal?"

Generic 300 gallon gas tank
My dad in Oklahoma City sent me a picture of a gas station sign showing $1.54/gallon. I'm hoping the price continues to drop but I'm thinking if I snooze too long, I might lose out on a good deal.

Any of you get bulk gas?



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  2. Sorry about the deleted comment. My computer is acting up. I was saying: Fuel sold for agriculture use is road tax free and has a dye in it so that it can be identified one from the other. Maybe you can purchase fuel and pay the road tax to eliminate the dye. I am not sure. Do your research. . . may save you a lot of grief later on. Of course your state laws may be different than ours.

  3. Gasoline does not store well. Gasoline not used within 30 days gets sent back to the refiners and is reblended with new fuel and then sold to the off-brand gas distributors. If you would use 300 gallons within 30 days, possibly a good deal. But if you don't, then you might consider just buying it from the station.

  4. Don't forget the fuel stabilizer.

  5. Also, in warmer weather, particularly above ground, you lose gas due to evaporation. The figure 7% sticks in my head.

  6. Coop gas? Is that what happens when you don't shovel out the chicken debris...?

  7. The comments on here about gasoline are true. If you guys use a lot of gas then it would be worth it otherwise it wouldn't. Now while gasoline doesn't store well, DIESEL does !! What's nice is that many diesel cars and trucks are coming onto the market now so something to think about is when you have to replace a vehicle, get a diesel and then get the co op diesel tank. Look into it but many preppers have diesel vehicles for this very reason.

    1. I have nothing that runs on diesel. :-(

      But I will consider it on next replacement.

  8. Having worked in the transportation industry, you would need to order fuel from a bulk supplier, not necessarily coop, that has road tax included. If you try to use off road fuel, you will ruin your gas tank (it is not possible to remove the dye, even if it's just a little fuel) and last seminar I attended announced the fine was $10,000.


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