Thursday, January 1, 2015

Shredded Uhaul Trailer Tire

I can't post pictures from my phone but trust me when I say THE STUPID TRAILER TIRE IS SHREDDED.  We are just north of the Utah border on US89.

No spare,  rim damaged  and roadside assistance 45 minutes out.  Mr Glock is now chambered just in case we get an unwanted visitor out here in the dark.

Thank goodness for mobile  dvd players...


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  1. I've always found it odd that the UHaul trailers don't have spares. Although the way they are now, they'd probably charge you extra for using it like they do the blankets and dollies!

    Did it have the flip down fenders on it? Easily the best feature I've seen on a car trailer. I hauled a 64 Impala years ago and I would never have been able to get out without them. Car was about as wide as the trailer!


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