Sunday, May 22, 2011

CraigsList + $25 = Happy Wifey (aka Win-Win)

An urgent call was heard yesterday at the OJD house. "We've got to go!" Wifey found something she was looking for on CraigsList and felt if we didn't leave right away, someone else would snag the deal. I had already been out shooting all morning, which I'll blog about in a bit, and was surely ready for a relaxing break on the couch.

I couldn't relax however, knowing that Wifey would be heading to an unknown house, with unknown people living there. Safety first. So I drove. Misguided by our Verizon GPS, we finally found the house. A man stood in the driveway next to his pickup truck. We both exited the vehicle and Wifey asked where the item was located.

Pointing to the old sewing machine table already loaded in the back of his truck, the man said "Right there." My puzzled look prompted him to say that he was just about to take it to the dump. Seems he had already listed it four times and had no buyers. It belonged to his mother and had been collecting dust in the garage. He didn't know if it even worked but he wanted it gone.

Wifey jumped up in the truck bed, spent about ten seconds looking at it and exclaimed "I'll take it!" I whispered to her "You should haggle the price." She looked at me like I had a third eye on my forehead and handed over the full amount: $25.  A few more words with the man and he gave us a free VCR from the truck bed as well. We loaded it up and brought it home. Turns out, everything works fine. The drawers were all filled with countless sewing supplies. I noticed a spool of thread in one drawer which had a $0.40 price tag from TG&Y. There was a wooden spool or two and numerous other items I couldn't begin to tell you what they were.

All I know is that for $25 and less than an hour of drive time, Wifey is extremely happy. That's what I call a "Win-Win."

For more pics, see Wifey's blog (now linked.)(now corrected, grrrr)


  1. No kidding that will only happen once every 10 years or so. Usually the $25 part needs to have a zero or two added for them to be that happy :)


  2. Sweet deal! As someone whose been looking for a sewing machine, I'm jealous!

  3. Also, could you post a link to your wife's blog?

  4. Its linked now, I'm an idiot :-)

    (Guess I'll post Anonymously since Google seems to be on the fritz again.)


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