Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Self Sustaining Garden Under Way with SeedForSecurity

Our SeedForSecurity vegetables have REALLY started growing fast, faster than expected. Just a few weeks ago, I blogged about planting pumpkins, watermelons, cucumbers and beans. These seeds are already reaching for the sun and are above soil level.

As I've mentioned, the pumpkins that were planted in the front yard for Halloween harvesting are coming along nicely. A few raised mounds have taken a beating from passers-by (aka toddlers) and I've lost a little in the process. When I arrived home this morning from my night shift, I found the same pesky cat pooping in my pumpkin patch that had required me to bird net my raised box gardens in the backyard. Oh, he's really climbing to the top of my list. Keep you're fertilizer to yourself pal! It wouldn't be so bad if he didn't paw at the ground like he's trying to cover up his big, heaping pile. He's pawing right were my struggling seedlings are blooming. Grrr.

The Jacob's Cattle Beans and French Horticulture Beans which replaced the uncooperative carrots are producing nicely in our raised box gardens.

I took pictures of all the veggies starting to bloom and am still thankful we found a good seed supplier (SeedForSecurity).  Here's the pics (click on pics to enlarge them to full size):

Dirt mounds containing watermelon seedlings

Mostly bean seedlings, one lonely carrot on the left

Row of cucumbers looking good (planted 2.5 rows)

Squash making a "run" for it

Indian Corn outgrowing my bird net cage



  1. Looking good :) I love squash, cukes, melons.. just don't forget many many of the varieties are known for long vines. Cukes have a natural defense where once stressed, many varieties start producing cucurbitacin (this is what you taste when cukes go bitter). If you have trouble finding a strain that avoids bitterness.. there are some melons actually that mimic cukes with the bonus of never getting bitter (like Armenian).

    Good luck! :)


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