Sunday, May 8, 2011

Wall Niche is Complete

Wall niche finished product.
I really look forward to weekends now that I don't have work six days a week. I got an early start on this weekend and continued working on my living room niche. The trim was cut and nailed in place with finishing nails. The shelves were cut with very little plywood left over from the original sheet.

I sealed all the gaps and corners with caulk and am attempting to sand it smooth.

All that is left now is trim on the front of the middle shelves and paint.

Update: shelves are done. Once the paint dries, the tape comes off the borders and voila! Another project for more prepping space is done.

Of course, the kids HAD to check the shelves for durability by climbing up in them and having a sit.

Now to move on to the next project.



  1. Gorgeous! And the shelves are very pretty too!

    Love the use of spaces like that. You find it in old homes more and they add character to a place. Love the trim.. you did a beautiful job.

  2. Now I'm walking around the house looking for MORE unused space...LOL.

  3. At the little house here they put in a closet that is the space above the stairs going to the basement. The Stairway down is paneled.. they put closet/ cubbies and blended the doors in. To get at that space, a panel on the right drops down across the stairway and essentially extends the floor. I always wondered if you could change a pocket door into a spice rack. Sounds odd.. but at one of the homes my sister lived in it would have been a cool possibility. The door to their pantry at the time wasn't to hide a mess but rather keep their ever endlessly eating rotties out of trouble.

    Check out blueprints and see where they may have some space. Usually old homes will have more nooks to utilize.. or if an addition was added.

  4. Great point about the blueprints. When my current house was being built in 2001, I took a ton of pics and video of the framing. I was totally bummed years later when I went to review them and couldnt find the pics/vids. I double back-up my digital stuff now. Just bought a new 2TB drive as a matter of fact, to hold more stuff.

    Thanks again!


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