Saturday, May 14, 2011

Save Money On Meat - One Slice At A Time!

Usually we buy our deli meat from the grocery store. Our Home Owners Association doesn't allow anything in our backyard except dogs and cats. I actually have neither at this time, well...of my own anyway (see prior post "Pesky Pooping Cat".)

Anyway, until I catch the cat (tastes like chicken?), I buy our sandwich meat from the grocery store shelf. In our little neck of the suburbs, one pound of deli ham WAS selling for $2.98 a pound...until a few months ago. It is now $4.98 per pound! Gasp!

Having been tipped off by, and others, we started stocking up on meats before the price increases. But the point of THIS post is to tell you that the best thing I did was buy a meat slicer off of craigslist.

Its used and only cost $20. Now, instead of buying pre-sliced ham by the pound for $4.98, I buy a 5 pound log of ham for $7.98 and slice it myself. Saves me a ton of money (we eat lots of sammys!)

With the adjustable slice thickness, I can shave it razor thin and cut thick ham steaks. More options, less price...does it get any better?

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