Sunday, May 15, 2011

Happy Anniversary & Birthday

Happy Anniversary Sweetie!
Q: What's the best way for a guy to remember his wedding anniversary?

A: Get married on your birthday.

Happy Anniversary to my wife of 13 years and thanks for making my 40th birthday so enjoyable.


  1. Congrats!!!

    I chose to go the April 1st route for an easy to remember anniversary date but it all works :)

  2. Awww, Happy Anniversary and Birthday! At 40 you're now officially "old and married." ;)

  3. @Pioneer April Fools...I mean, Happy Anniversary Mrs Preppy!

    @Kris ugh, I don't need any more reminders. My kids tell me ALL the time. LOL.

  4. I'm sorry, didn't I read somewhere that you have 6 children? Your wife needs to share tips with us less fortunate bunch. I look like I ran through a washer machine on most days....

    But then again, I just commented on your question over at Patrice's blog. Your not homeschooling as of yet. Yes, that must be it;-)

    Happy Anniversary!

    Ouida Gabriel

  5. Oh ouida, I have NO idea how we could home school. It sounds SO intriguing. We have found an elementary school we are happy with. They teach K-6 and our children have learned so much there. It the older three we worry about. Junior high turned out to me a nightmare. The kids she saw, the things they said in her presence. needless to say we pulled here this summer and have enrolled her and her 7th grade sister in a same school. Imagine Prep is the hame. They use uniforms for starters.

    I do think it would be better four our girls to let the junior high and high school girls study at home.we are not teachers by profession but the horrors we wittness at the "bring your parent day" was a real eye opener. A young foreign language teach who had no control over her class whatsoever. i don't know when she list their respect but it was LONG gone. Yelling, screaming, runnning around the classroom. Then there's the
    80-something trying to teach sciece. She tells the kids to hand their completed exams to the child sitting next to them for grading. Half a dozen times we got home and went over that test. There were five or more mismarked aswers that were correct.,

    I could go on and on .. Suffice it to say, we'll keep the elementary where they are. CTA Freedom has taught them all VERY well. AS for Imagine, the report is still out. If we don't see what we want to see at Imagine, we will be that much closer to home schooling because I am running out of patience. LOL!


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