Sunday, May 29, 2011

Newest Member of Our Family

I sooooo wish I had kids to play with....
Wifey and I had just talked about getting a dog less than a week ago. We have no animals in our home. We discussed rabbits (I love Emily's hotots), pot belly pigs, chickens and dogs.

Summer is here and the kids will be bored out of their minds...even if there is tons of stuff to do. Its time to teach the kids some animal responsibility. Sure enough, shortly after our conversation regarding what kind of animals we'd like to add to our family, a little facebook post popped up.

Turns out, a long time female family friend has a Cocker Spaniel that is in need of affection. She has had him for all of his eight years and feels he is depressed since her father died earlier this year. The father had moved in and become a daily companion to the little furry guy. After the father's earthly departure, the owner felt the pup just hadn't been the same.

We took the whole family over for a meet-n-greet after our visit to the National Memorial Cemetery for a Memorial Day flag decorating ceremony. I knew immediately he was what we were looking for in a family dog: calm, not a puppy, medium sized and house broken.

But I couldn't show my excitement. I drove the family home and begun the negotiations. Who will clean up? Who will feed and water? Everyone eagerly volunteered to help take care of our newest family member. I probably should have gotten it in writing. ;-)

We picked him up today, along with all his belongings, and brought him home. He has spent the last several hours sniffing out the house and his new backyard.

The kids haven't stopped touching him. The big argument now is who gets to sleep with him. Welcome to your new home Kohl.

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  1. Congrats on the new family member! He looks very sweet.


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