Saturday, May 7, 2011

Successful Gardening Seeds From

Indian Corn (Link to purchase)
Wifey and I are new to gardening. We have two man-made gardening containers: cinder block pictured below with corn and raised box gardens. These have bags of soil and fertilizer from the local gardening center. Our other backyard garden area is simply hard, Arizona dirt. The same goes from our front yard garden. We purposely plant in both improved and unimproved gardens to see what works and what doesn't.

So far, we've had terrific results. In plain dirt, lettuce (pictured) has done VERY well. The butternut squash is starting to really take off. We have several little ones that play in the dirt and it is possible that seeds get dug up from time to time (or seedlings pulled out.) I covered all raised gardens with bird net to discourage critters and rugrats (cats, birds, and kids).

Most of our seeds were bulk purchased from We didn't know where to get our start in gardening seeds and took a chance on an internet ad displayed at We bought the Super Survival Pack.

SeedsForSecurity has turned out to be a terrific source for high quality seeds. We highly recommend them and we are NOT sponsored to say that in any way. Here are some of the plants we have grown using SeedsForSecurity:

Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage (Link to purchase)


Not pictured yet:

peas (Super Survival Pack)

french beans (Super Survival Pack)

cattle beans (Super Survival Pack)

waltham butternut squash (Link to purchase)


sugar pumpkin (Link to purchase)


  1. Wow, that cabbage is beautiful and your lettuce is huge, compared to mine, although admittedly I got a late start with the seeds this year. I went with Baker Creek (, and have had some success and some failure. I can't say for certain that the seeds are not viable, though, because like you I'm new to gardening, so it may be operator error. Also we have a lot of wind here in OK, so it's possible some of my surface sown seeds (such as lettuce) just got blown away.

  2. Hey, thanks for commenting Kris! BTW, I grew up in Edmond/OKC. I know EXACTLY what you mean by wind. I really can't say enough about the seeds we received from SeedsForSecurity. They have done so well with our amateur gardening skill. I'll keep posting pics of the seeds to document how they grow.

    Thanks again for stopping by!


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