Sunday, May 29, 2011

Remove Mac Guard Virus aka Mac Defender via Intego VirusBarrier X6

Dad Fix Tip #6: How to Remove a Mac Virus

Well well. Seems the Might Mac isn't so impenetrable after all. Now, for the second time in history, the Mac community has found itself in the throws of viral attack. How did I find out? It showed up on Wifey's MacBook

Sneaky little virus too. When you get it, the webpage it shows looks just like the Mac Finder interface (see image, CLICK FOR LARGER VIEW.)

It attempts to fool you into thinking you are being instructed by your Mac to download a protection or antivirus tool. If you click on the link provided, you will see the following image:

 If you click the Continue button as directed, you will download a program called AVRunner (avsetup.pkg). Now, unlike the previous variants of this fake antivirus, no administrator’s password is required to install this program and it will automatically execute.

Two things you need to do:

Step One: Quit Safari (close it). Disable your Mac's factory default option that allows Safari to autorun any "safe" download. in Go to Safari’s General preferences tab and uncheck the “Open ‘safe’ files after downloading” option.

Step Two: Download Intego VirusBarrier X6 and run it. It will tell you if it detects a virus. Then, follow the prompts and you're done. It took me less than five minutes to fix Wifey's Mac.


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  1. This is good info for me--just bought my first Mac. Thought I had left the virus world behind. Guess not!


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