Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Attack of the Tazmanian Night Gnomes

Dang Tazmanian Night Gnomes. Wifey tries SO hard to keep our home clean but after she goes to bed, that's when they strike. Nothing is safe and no barriers nor locks will stop them.  I came home from a usual night shift this morning with thoughts of soft pillows and relaxing, monotonous fan sounds whirring quietly at my bedside. I unlocked the front door and walked in through the living room. That's when I began to see traces that they had been there. Curious yet destructive little critters.

Here lies the remnants of an important letter. Scissors visible on the edge of the counter. A Gnome boot lays cold and abandoned. 

They got hungry, left the cabinet open, and left evidence of a sugary preference.

I'm guessing there's a shortage of gnome painters in Tazmania, so they used Wifey's craft resources wisely. Why worry about foam green overspray when you have tile floor to catch it?

A bloated super mega mega toilet paper roll was victim of an apparent walk-by toilet clogging.

A slap in the face: the DP was returned to the fridge with one... gulp... left. Doh!

Poor Ramen, never saw it coming. Bits of noodle still strewn about.

They sneak in at night, when no one is the wiser. No sounds of doors creaking open, no slamming cabinets. They quietly glide about the house, leaving destruction in their wake with no witnesses to call them out.  Besides, who in their right mind would be awake at the wee hours of the morn to catch such dastardly deeds? I'm surprised the kids haven't seen them. Being on summer break and all. I mean, they're up til 4am...and sleep til noon...and...hey, wait a minute!

Dang kids. Welp, gotta hurry up and get to sleep...before mom wakes up ;-)

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