Thursday, June 9, 2011

CommentLuv Added to Orange Jeep

One feature that has been bugging me on these Blogger blogs is the INability to receive notifications if you leave a comment on a blog. By that I mean, receive a notification if someone REPLIES to your comment or comments AFTER you comment. I haven't seen a way to subscribe to comments like you can on WordPress and other sites.

I visit several blogs each day and comment fairly often. Many times I've left questions but then can't remember which blogs I've left questions on (yes, I'm getting old.) In order to fix this solution, on my own blog at least, I've installed a new commenting feature: Intense Debate's CommentLuv.

Intense Debate has been added to the commenting section of all NEW posts. I've left all the old comments in place. It looks to me that if a post I've written already has a comment, the old style commenting box is still intact. However, on old and new posts I've written, where there is NO comment yet, the new Intense Debate commenting widget will take over.

If you want to post as a Guest, go ahead. Nothing has changed with that respect. But if you want to opt to receive notification of responses to your comment (subscribe to the comments, as it were) then you can sign in with a number of accounts: Twitter, WordPress, OpenID, Intense Debate, etc.  I think it will even assign a point value which increases every time you post?

I haven't figured out how to enable the Facebook login yet. I need an API Key and it was WAY more complicated than I was willing to do at 4am. 

So I hope this is helpful. Try it out. Let me know what you think. I've enabled the moderator function by default but it should email me fairly quickly after the comment to let me know your comment is pending moderation. This should keep the blog spam free.


PS, After installing and checking it out, this is the same comment widget I see at Lisa's place (TheSurvivalMom). It must work well if she uses it...right?


Don't you spam me...I'll just delete it!