Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Only in America: Transgendered Prom Queen, Gay Prom King

Florida Tech: He/She Prom Queen, Gay Prom King
Its no wonder fellow Americans like PioneerPreppy think our current and future generations of young males are doomed. He blogged about the United Kingdom parents who felt it was in their child's best interest to keep it's gender a secret. He paraphrased the idiot parents:  "...gender stereotypes are society based and have no real bearing on the child's personality. They feel the child should be whatever he or she wishes or wants to be and come to it naturally with no societal pressure."

Yeah, that won't lead to confusion for the child...right.

Now, we have a technical school in Florida where a transgendered male who calls himself "Andii" has won the school title of Prom Queen. Not surprisingly, the nominated Prom King is a gay male. Andrew Viveros and Juan Macias couldn't appear more gay (don't forget, gay means happy too) in their prom photo.

Ed Harris portrays a gay teacher.
I'm reminded of a movie my family just watched the other night titled That's What I Am. Part of the storyline involves a reknown local teacher (Ed Harris) who, despite having won Teacher of the Year, is suspected of being gay. Since this movie was set back in the 1950's, before America's huge moral backslide, one set of concerned parents were able to have the teacher removed from the classroom. The concerned parents argued that a teacher is a role model for our children. If the children suspect the teacher is gay, they will deduce that gay behaviour is acceptible and perhaps even desireable. After all, the teacher was awarded top honors. After confrontation, the teacher opts to quit his job and move to another teach there. Why? Gay lifestyles weren't something that Americans used to promote publicly AND the teacher had enough DIGNITY to remove his personal sexual preferences from the students' learning environment after it had gone public.

Times have certainly changed. Even the Prom Queen's mom sounds exhausted (perhaps even disappointed) with the situation her transgendered son has put her in. In the article about the gay prom couple, the Prom Queen's mother, Bernadette Viveros said "He's my child and I'm going to love him no matter what." Read between the lines. She didn't say "I'm so proud of him" or "He has a right to be who he wants to be." Nope. She basically says 'He is who he is and I have to love him no matter what...because I am his mother.'

How sad. I'd be interested in knowing how much time Andii spends in church?

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  1. I believe an awakening is coming. We as parents also have the right to morally raise our children in the type of lifestyle we deem appropriate.

    Her reply sounded like a canned PC statement to keep the lib/progressives off her case IMO.


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