Saturday, June 18, 2011

Weekend Projects and Lessons

Ribbon wall project for Wifey's craft room.
I have several projects planned this weekend. As usual, not everything goes as planned, which is why I have backup plans (hello redundancy.)

Having a four day weekend helps. Sure, co-workers called and asked for help covering shifts. I've been working a "regular shift" since the beginning of May (three 12 hour shifts per week instead of six 12 hour shifts per week) and not a week has gone by that my co-workers haven't called and asked me to pick up more shifts. Don't get me wrong, in an emergency I'll do my part. But if I'm being asked to cover someone's shift so THEY can have the day off...what's the point? I want days off too.

So back to what I do on MY days off.

Much of Friday was spent running errands to get project supplies. I consider it a good day because I got to go to Home Depot three times. Home Depot is to Michael's craft store is to Wifey. I could wander around in there for hours just looking at stuff.

My two main projects were new garage shelving and a set of ribbon holders for Wifey's new craft room. I bought the 2x3's and plywood to follow a youtube video made by NormalGuyDIY. I also bought some 1/4" wooden dowel rods and shelving supplies for the ribbon project. I was so eager to get home that I got all the way to my Suburban before I realized my plywood wouldn't fit in the truck.

Here's the bare craft room wall (pre-project.)
I pushed my boards back inside the store and sheepishly admitted to the same cashier that they won't fit. I headed back to the ripping saw only to find out it was broken. Poof! Project up in smoke. I returned the plywood for a refund and headed home.

I hung the shelving holders and used the pre-formed nooks to hold the wooden dowel rods. One of the holders was nicked beyond what I could tolerate and were set aside to be returned. The dowel rods were cut to length and loaded with spools of ribbon to check spacing. That's when I found out the dowel rods were incredibly weak. I would resolve to return to HD for some metal dowel rods.

The ribbon project was completed late Friday night after a coat of paint and Wifey was more than happy. In the top picture, you can see the slight sag in the top dowel rod. That was before I went back and bought metal dowel. rods. I tackled the garage shelving Saturday after a run to Lowe's (their rip saw was functional.) I'll try to post that project with pictures tomorrow.

Oh, and as for the lessons learned. Always buy extras and keep your receipts. If you need to use the equipment at Home Depot (or anywhere,) call ahead to see if it is working. I called ahead to Lowe's the next morning to make sure their rip saw was working. They verified it was. When I happily announced why I was there as I walked in, the cashier said it WASN'T working. Grrr. All my planning dashed to bits? Nope, the cashier was uninformed. Imagine that.

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