Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day Gift Ideas (Great Stuff They Gave Me!)

Boy, did I have a GREAT Father's Day yesterday! I had the right mixture of relaxation, thoughtful gifts, and family time. Wifey and the girls all worked together to make a terrific breakfast. The table was adorned with numerous goodies. I post this not only as a memoir but to help others who might be looking for ideas. I'll start with what was on the table.

Recognition Buttons: All six daughters wore hand printed buttons on their shirts that displayed different phrases. Lily's says "I have one fabulous Dad!" The girls wore them the entire time we were at church. Each was cut out of card stock and taped to an existing button.

Personalized Rootbeer: I was given some IBC Rootbeer and Cream Soda in glass bottles. The bottles AND the six pack holder were custom decorated with homemade labels. This bottle pictured below says "Pops, you are one suh-weet dude!"

Custom Chocolate Bar: There was a Hershey's chocolate candy bar covered with a custom printed candy bar wrapper. The front says Happy Father's Day with a picture of a necktie. The backside listed the ingredients such as "Caring, Loving, Dependable..." and other characteristics which were, of course, 100% accurate.

Candy Bar Bouquet: A bouquet sat off on the corner of the table. Four Nerds candy boxes (large, movie theater size) were taped together in a square. Some green foam was placed down in the center and several candy bars, glued to skewer sticks, were stuck down into the green foam block. The candy bars were arranged to look like a flower bouquet.

Lots of love for Daddy this Father's Day
Daddyland Coupon Book: Font that looks just like Disneyland had been changed to say Daddyland. This little coupon booklet featured goodies such as "One day of controlling the tv remote" and "A one hour nap." There were about six coupons in all. They could be redeemed at any time and the last one was a fill-in-the-blank coupon! Woo hoo!

Key Chain Memoir: Dads keep good track of their key chains. There's many an important key on there. I was given a miniature "iron rod."  I put it on my key chain and think of the daughter that gave it to me every time I see it. I like the idea of a key chain keepsake. I can easily carry it around with me everywhere I go.

Daddy Info Sheets: These just may have been the best part of all the gifts. Each daughter filled out a questionnaire about Dad. Favorite sports, best memory with my Dad, what Dad does for work, favorite food, etc. One section had a physical description of Dad. My toddlers claimed I weighed 100 pounds!
Pops soda label

Front of candy bar wrapper.

Backside of custom candy bar wrapper.

Daddyland coupon book and keychain rod.

Candy bar bouquet

This certainly has raised the bar for next Mother's Day. I better get planning now...

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