Friday, June 3, 2011

My Top Ten Dad Gifts for Father's Day

I have six daughers, ranging from age 13 (almost 14) down to 2 years of age. This list is meant, in one way or another, to include all of them.

10. For one day, as hard as it may seem, can you please put things back where you got it...for me?

9.  A tie is always welcome. How about having one made with photos of you and your sisters on it?

8.  Play me a beautiful song on the piano using the skills you learned from all those piano lessons.

7.  Help me wash the cars in the driveway and don't storm off if I accidentally spray you.

6.  Work with your sisters to cook a wonderful dinner that we can all sit down together and enjoy.

5.  A big, heaping plate of warm, gooey, super-dee-dooper chocolate chip cookies.

4.  Take a pencil and paper, a book, anything...that helps you be completely quiet one Sunday in church.

3.  Before Father's Day, without any stomping, grunting, or ALL of your normal, daily chores.

2.  Hug me randomly, talk with me quietly, and offer to hold my hand or sit in my lap.

1.  Just spend Father's Day with me and casually mention "Happy Father's Day"...about 80 times.

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