Saturday, June 11, 2011

Half Boy...Half Girl

Are they called tights? Stockings? Not sure

Time for Dad to get a haircut. As with any chore "away from home," I chose one child to go with me. Wifey and I do this in an attempt to get some one-on-one time with each of our six girls.

I finally figured out a way to be "fair" and avoid the dreaded argument "...but SHE got to go LAST time!" I use a Droid app called COLORNOTE. I created a list with each daughter's name. Each time a daughter goes with me on an errand, a quick click on her name marks it with a strike-through mark. Done! One less drama in a house FULL of drama (sometimes.)

Anyway, back to the reason for the post.
Due to arriving at the Sports Clips shortly after a Dad with two boys, all needing haircuts, I had a little time to kill. My five year old and I snuck next door for a little yogurt from The Golden Spoon. As we nibbled our candy-coated yogurt, two unusually dressed boys entered to chit chat with the teeny bopper behind the counter.

One boy had jeans cut off as shorts and cuffed with black stockings underneath. Jewelry gleamed from their faces like one of my preteen's bling'd-out cell phones from a couple years ago.

After examining the boys' attire, the following discussion ensued:

5 year old: "Daddy, I thought only girls wore those kinda pants?"

Me: "Yes honey, they do."

...a few minutes passes by.

5 year old states matter-of-factly: "Daddy...that boy is half girl."

Trying not to choke on my yogurt, I snickered "Yes honey, he is."

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