Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Facebook Page For Orange Jeep Dad

I'm hoping to improve my blogging skills. So, like any other college (over)educated Dad, I'm studying how to be a better blogger. It serves as a great thought release on my LONG night shifts and gives me some really good feedback from visitors that are generous enough to leave their comments.

Some folks have been so helpful, I added a Top Commentator widget to the sidebar as a way of giving them recognition (besides my heartfelt thanks, of course.)  Like Anne, PioneerPreppy, Arsenius the Hermit, Kris, Ollamha Anne, Nancy, LyndaKay, and naturegirl...THANKS!

I'm not sure what difference it will make but a lot of  the "how to" blogs that I read on being a good blogger say I need a Facebook page. I'm just trying to provide a clean, updated blog that talks about survival, parenting, DIY Dad stuff, medicine and a few other random thoughts. I'm not sure yet how I'll utilize the FB page...or the Twitter page, nevertheless, they're up.

We'll see if it makes any difference in my Klout scores... Ha Ha. That's a joke, since I have no Klout score. In fact, as I elude to in the prior linked Klout post, it sounds like a ton of people aren't too happy with the Klout system. Like here, here, and here. But what do I know? I'm just a Dad who blogs.

So, Like me, Follow me, Add me. At some point, if I pick up enough readers, I'll be able to have some contests and giveaways. You want that...don't ya?


  1. Haha, thanks for the recognition. I'm sure it upped my own Klout score ;) I def comment on your blog more than any of the others I read. I guess we're just interested in similar things!

  2. @Kris Yeah, thanks for commenting and letting me know I'm not all alone out here. I visit your blog more frequently than you do, I think :-)


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