Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Settling In and (Another) New Sewing Machine

Kohl is plum tuckered out. Eyes open but he
won't even raise his head.
Kohl seems to be settling in nicely. He's VERY mellow which is a nice attribute in a family dog. Well, it is for us anyway. We've got enough energy screaming through the house with six girls running amok. I previously blogged how we adopted him at the age of eight (a few weeks ago). His previous family didn't think he was getting enough attention after a family member passed away. Well, he gets SO much now, occasionally I find him hiding under my bed. My three little girls LOVE to hug him around his neck. Doesn't matter what I say about giving the dog a break. They chase him everywhere.

The older three daughters are becoming more and more interested in sewing. They see mommy making all the skirts, bags, and shirts and want to join in. Naturally, Wifey explained to me that this is the perfect and logical reason why she NEEDS more sewing machines. Of course CraigsList has them listed ALL THE TIME. Grrr.

Wifey came across a Grandmother who claimed she had around six machines. Unfortunately for her, she says her daughters don't want to have anything to do with the items. She has been instructed to sell them rather than hand them down. What a pity. I don't know ANYTHING about sewing machines but I can appreciate fine machinery. Wifey bought two machines that day. One came with a fold out sewing table. Pictured is the one that did not.

Now there are four sewing machines at my house (one needs repair.) Wifey has started teaching our 10 year old how to sew. She made her first hand bag the other day.

You know what I say about it all? Whatever makes them happy. I'll be in the garage if you  need me :-)


  1. My wife and mother in law are great with a sewing machine. I used to work running an AS400 computer nights in sewing plant. They gave the employees all the bolt ends from the fabric. My wife made great clothes for her and the kids. We don't do much that way these days though now they are grown up and on their own. She has two sewing machines, she always keeps a backup.

  2. @Arsenius Thanks for commenting! I think sewing is becoming a lost art. My wife is learning on her own. Her mother didn't teach her many domestic skills. I don't know what happened between the two generations but there has been an obvious decline in skills that lead to self sufficiency through the years.


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